VMworld Barcelona 2016

By Spousetivities, LLC (other events)

4 Dates Through Oct 20, 2016

Welcome to Spousetivities at VMworld EMEA 2016!

If you've joined Spousetivities before, then you know all about the fun, prizes, friendships, and everything that comes with the program. If you've never joined Spousetivities, or if you aren't sure what Spousetivities is, then read on! You can also visit my Spousetivities blog for more information.

Who can attend Spousetivities?

Anyone! While was originally targeted at the spouses of the conference attendees, now anyone traveling with a conference attendee is welcome to join us. Parents, children, spouses, domestic partners, significant others--all are welcome.

I'm interested. How can I sign up?

Easy! Just select the dates or dates that you want to participate in an activity, then click "more info" to read about each event.  Once you've settled on the activities that best suit your interests, select the number of tickets you need and follow the instructions from there. There is an activity for each day of the event, October 17 - 20. Prices have been reduced from the retail pricing thanks to the support of fabulous sponsors like VMware NSXTVP StrategyVMUG, and VEEAM!